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A route of your run / walk / hike, a wonderful way to celebrate big achievements in your life. Personalised with whatever stats you like, and the exact route, it can't get any more bespoke!

Just enter all the details you would like when purchasing and send me an image of your walk. I can update the map with key places, names, areas, the choice is yours. Just give me the details and I will make something special. Don't have a route? Ask me about how to incorporate the walks on the slate!

Engraved Paddle Cheese Board with Running Route, Personalised with Stats and Map

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  • Keep your wooden board nice and clean with a wash in the sink with a little washing up liquid if needed. Do not keep submerged in water or put in the dishwasher. Due to the product being a natural plant-based product this will absorb the water and the wood will expand. Just rinse and stand up to dry!

  • Made from the sustainably sourced material 'Hevea' Wood, a type of rubberwood which is repurposed from trees that have already served a useful function.