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A stylish and modern round shaped cheese board with integrated cheese knives With a modern simple design this is an attractive addition for any dinner table or party.

Perfect for presenting cheeses this is a great gift for foodies to display their amazing food combinations! Show them how much you appreciate their creations with this beautiful gift which will last for years and be truly unique to them. The knives included are great for all type of cheese:

Half Heart Knife - Hard cheese like parmesan
Wide Spatula - Crumbly cheese such a wensleydale or cheshire
Cheese Fork - Medium soft cheese like cheddar
Narrow Blade Knife - Soft cheese like camembert & brie

Measuring 21cm diameter.

Round Wooden Family Name Cheese Board with Set of 4 Knives, Personalised

Out of Stock
  • Keep your wooden board nice and clean with a wash in the sink with a little washing up liquid if needed. Do not keep submerged in water or put in the dishwasher. Due to the product being a natural plant-based product this will absorb the water and the wood will expand. Just rinse and stand up to dry!

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